For many, lobster is one of those meals reserved for eating only in restaurants. Lobster is expensive and it can be intimidating spending that much on a store-bought ingredient, only to worry if it will turn out the way you want it. That’s why I wanted to share these two, super easy Ronco® Ready™ Grill lobster recipes.

Two of the most popular ways to cook lobster are steamed and grilled.  Here are a couple of delicious recipes using each method.

For this first recipe, we used the Ready Grill Steamer Basket accessory to steam the lobster. The Steamer Basket is a great addition to the Ready Grill and allows you to steam right on top!  This accessory literally doubles the amount of food you can cook in the Ready Grill.

Steamed Lobster Tail Ronco Ready Grill.jpgSteamer Basket Lobster Tails.png


* Helpful Tip: Throw some steaks in the Ready Grill while these are steaming for the ultimate Surf & Turf.

Recipe courtesy of Ronco Cooking Full Steam Cookbook

For the second recipe, we grilled the lobster inside the Ready Grill using the included Grill Basket.  We paired it with a delicious, lemon cream sauce and wilted spinach.

screen-shot-2017-02-15-at-3-55-19-pmScreen Shot 2017-02-15 at 3.55.36 PM.jpg


Recipe courtesy of our Ready Grill Grilling cookbook.

Bon Appétit!