Looking for a easy to prepare but elegant holiday dessert? Try these beautiful Spiced Red Wine Ready Grilled Pears in your Ronco Ready Grill. Don’t have a Ready Grill? Pick one up at Ronco.com and take advantage of our Ready Grill holiday BOGO offer.





  1. Peel the pears, slice in half and with a melon baller and remove the seeds.
  2. Make marinade: in deep sauce pan add bottle red wine, 1 split vanilla bean, dried ginger, allspice,  cayenne pepper, cinnamon,bay leaves, and sugar. Bring the mixture to a boil to dissolve the sugar and incorporate the spices. Remove marinade from heat and add the peeled pears to warm marinade.
  3. Refrigerate overnight to marinate the pears and to give them a beautiful garnet color.
  4. When ready to cook the pears prepare the Mascarpone Cream– In a mixing bowl combine; mascarpone cheese,  powdered sugar, heavy cream, pinch ginger,   vanilla extract, and scrape vanilla bean seeds into the mixture. Blend with hand mixer until all ingredients are incorporated.dsc_6883
  5. Remove the pears from the wine mixture and grill in the Ronco Ready Grill for 8- 12 minutes, or until tender. Cooking time will depend on how ripe pears are.dsc_6890
  6. Serve warm on some mascarpone cream and with some in the center of the pears.



Chef Paja Sanchez