This October, we are giving away our most powerful, energy efficient, fast and easily stored food dehydrator; our Ronco Turbo Dehydrator. Perfect all year round, but so fun to use for all kinds of holiday recipes and crafts! Register to enter our Turbo Dehydrator giveaway HERE, and be sure to like us on Facebook & share with your friends for additional entries to win. And hey… if you’re not the lucky winner this time, be sure to pick up your own Turbo Dehydrator at for all these fun fall and holiday ideas. (Or maybe ask Santa for one)

8 Reasons You Need a Ronco Turbo Dehydrator This Holiday Season

1. Enjoy fall fruit all year long

When you buy fruit in season, you are simultaneously getting the best price & flavor out of  your haul. This fall, savor the flavors of all those great fall fruits year-round by stocking up and dehydrating them in your Ronco Turbo Dehydrator. Great fall fruits to try in your dehydrator are: apples, figs, pears, cranberries, quince, grapes and persimmons.


2. Make cute holiday salt dough crafts

…such as this paint your own pumpkin Halloween craft…

or these elegant personalized Thanksgiving place settings…

Thanksgiving CraftThanksgivingCraft


and these custom holiday ornaments!


To make these salt dough crafts, find directions & video HERE. You can also use white clay to make these dehydrated crafts. Maybe add a bit of cinnamon or pumpkin spice to your clay or salt dough for a festive smelling craft.

3. Make healthy raw snacks

Use your Turbo Dehydrator to make your own healthy snacks at home saving money and adding nutrition to your diet.

Try these  Raw Chia Seed Crackers from Authentic Self Wellness, Nutritionist Margaux J Rathbun, B.S., N.T.P.

photo-6 (1).jpg

Or these Dehydrator Carrot Cake Raw Cookies



4. Know what you are feeding your family

Many factories that produce your favorite dehydrated fruits, vegetables and fruit leathers also process other foods that may cause problems when it comes to food safety and allergies (like nuts, wheat, soy and milk)… not to mention additives and preservatives. So make your own fruit leathers and dehydrated fruit & veggies at home, especially if food allergies are an issue in your home.

Find directions for our fall inspired pumpkin spice fruit leathers HERE.

Pumpkin Spice Fruit Leathers

5. Make Venison Jerky

If you have a hunter in the family, make the most of hunting season by making some venison jerky like Everybody Eats News did. (Or if you have a grocery store in your town, you can make beef, turkey or fish jerky too!)BeefJerky_07

6. Make beautiful and delicious smelling holidays wreaths

Simply dehydrate some of your favorite fruit…grab a glue gun, twine and ribbon and make unique decorations.


7. Make a veggie base for those winter stews and soups

Save all kinds of veggie scraps or leftovers and dehydrate them to make a quick seasoning base to add nutrition and flavor to your winter recipes. Try mushrooms, carrots, onions, peppers, tomatoes….


8. Save those herbs in your garden before the first freeze.

You worked so hard in the garden this year… don’t let those herbs go to waste! Dehydrate any of your favorite fresh herbs and save a ton of money at the market.DryingHerbs_Turbo.jpg