Under500CalGuide_BarThis mouth-watering recipe is gluten-free, high in protein, paleo friendly, low carb, and comes in at around 200 calories per half pepper.  Bell peppers have been part of the human diet and cultivated for over 9,000 years! We all know that bell peppers have a sweet flavor to them, but did you know that they’re called peppers today because of Christopher Columbus?

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Christoper Columbus brought bell peppers back to Europe from South America and coined them “peppers” in hopes of adding value to the find… since peppers were considered a luxury food at the time. Either way, bell peppers are a great way to add nutrition to your diet.

Bell peppers have antioxidant properties, and are very high in vitamins and minerals. One bell pepper may provide up to 169% of the RDA of vitamin C alone.

One of my favorite ways to eat bell peppers is stuffed, but I’m always put off by the greasy texture of the peppers after baking them with meat inside. I prefer a fresher, healthier version. That’s why I wanted to share this Ready Grill version of stuffed bell peppers. You get a fresher tasting pepper and lose all the excess grease of the meat into the drip tray. Try these Chili Stuffed Bell Peppers in your Ready Grill for a complete healthy meal.


This recipe is gluten-free, high in protein, paleo friendly, low carb, and comes in at around 200 calories per half pepper. Serve 2 for a very filling and nutritious meal at about 400 calories for a whole meal.


3 large bell peppers (any color will do)

16 oz. ground beef 95 percent lean

1 Tbsp. ketchup (15ml)

1 large egg (50g)

1 tsp garlic powder

½ tsp ground cumin

1/8 tsp ground nutmeg

1 cup white kidney beans (canned)

1 tbsp. chili powder

6 tbsp. store-bought salsa

Salt and pepper to taste


  1. IMG_7653In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine ground beef, kidney beans, ketchup, egg, garlic powder, cumin, nutmeg, and chili powder. Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  2. Preheat Ready Grill for 3-5 minutes. Slice bell peppers in half lengthwise, remove seeds. Divide chili mix evenly between the 6 pepper halves.
  3. Place pepper halves onto grill insert and place into Ready Grill to cook for 18-20 minutes.IMG_7656
  4. Top with a tablespoon of salsa to serve.

Cooking in the Ready Grill allows the excess fat to drip from the bell peppers into the drip tray, saving you even more calories! To make this and other healthy recipes, go to Ronco.com to order a Ready Grill for your home!

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Chef Paja-Dejur Sanchez