Chips are a favorite snack for many, but now you can enjoy them guilt-free! By making your own chips, you can save 4 times the calories…

Sour Cream & Onion ChipsThese savory, crunchy chips were made in just minutes with the Chip-Tastic.


• 2-3 large potatoes, depending on amount desired

• Ronco’s Sour Cream & Onion Seasoning

Or, if you don’t have our pre-made seasoning:

• 1 tbsp powdered buttermilk
• 1/2 tsp onion powder
• 1/2 tsp salt (or to taste)
• 1/2 tsp dill weed
• 1 tsp grated Parmesan


  1. Wash potatoes with warm water. Cut in half and thinly slice, preferably using a mandolin.
  2. Soak potato slices in a bowl of water for 3-5 minutes to remove the starch.
  3. Place slices on a plate lined with paper towels. Pat dry. Season slices with Ronco’s Sour Cream & Onion Seasoning, or your own.
  4. Gently fold potato slices and load into the Chip-Tastic slots, resting on the hook.
  5. Place into microwave and cook for approximately 3-4 minutes, depending on your microwave, thickness of food slices and seasonings. Monitor cooking closely.
  6. Carefully remove Chip-Tastic and let cool for 2-3 minutes. Chips will crisp up as they cool.