At Ronco, we take pride in our promise to deliver healthy, delicious food made easy. The Ronco Ready Grill delivers on that promise and more.

Ronco Ready GrillWhether you’re single and looking to stay on a healthy diet but don’t know how to cook, a busy mom who doesn’t always have the time to pull out pots and pans for a home-cooked meal, or retired and needing an easy and efficient way to prepare restaurant-quality meals at home, the Ready Grill is your perfect solution.

We’ve been seeing and hearing countless stories from people all over the country that have been blown away by the Ready Grill’s ease of use, versatility and time saved in the kitchen. That means more time spent with the ones you love. Preparing delicious, restaurant-quality meals any night of the week is now easier than ever.

Hear what some happy customers are saying about the Ready Grill:

“Great grill. Easy cleaning. I am surprised how the grill’s food holder cleans up. It cooks food beautifully.”

Michael Levine

“I bought the Ronco Ready Grill on an impulse buy and was worried I might have made a mistake, BOY….was I wrong!!! I loved the way it cooked so much, I bought a Ronco rotisserie oven and Ronco pasta maker. I had quad. bypass surgery and have to watch how my food is prepared. The meal comes out tender and not dried out. Very impressed with the Ronco products. Follow the recommended cooking times and you won’t be disappointed!!!”

– Meredith Lee Greer

“this thing is amazing. It took me some time to figure out precise timing, but man, this grill cooks some of the best salmon and NY Strips I have ever had.”

– Simon Jones

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Here are some of the benefits to cooking with the Ronco Ready Grill:

• Cook meals FASTER using clean, safe radiant heat

• Eat & live HEALTHIER as excess fat, oil & grease drip away

• Prepare and clean up EASIER with dishwasher-safe components

Ready Grill

Healthy is Easy, So Fill ‘er Up!

Load the Grill Basket up with your favorite meats and veggies and get  ready to be impressed. In less time and with less fat, prepare to fall in love with your new kitchen favorite.

Easy Cleanup

When the meal is done, no need to worry about cleanup. The Drip Tray, Grill Basket and Heat Shields remove easily making cleanup quick and painless.

Set It and Forget It

The Analog Timer will tell you when the meal is done. It’s a built-in magic wand for the perfect, restaurant-quality meal in minutes.

Forgo the Fat!

Let gravity work for you! This patented design drains unwanted fat and grease for a healthier meal. We promise you won’t taste a difference, but you might just see one in your waistline.

Get your Ronco Ready Grill here!