Are you beginning to plan your Thanksgiving? Start to gather just these few items, and cook your dinner in our EZ Store Rotisserie and Thanksgiving will not only be EASY but also Elegant! Most of these tips came from the Pumpkin & A Princess Blog and some were from our very own family here at Ronco!DIY-Metallic-Gold-Pumpkin-

My idea of the perfect Fall table was to fill it with metallic gold pumpkins and accents. I used a fake 50 cent pumpkin I thrifted and spray painted it with gold spray paint. I then took two small (real) pumpkins and painted those as well. I love how simple they are but make a big impact on the burlap table runner. I also used gold votive holders, gold glittered pinecones, and a gold Christmas garland as a filler.


Also for a unique place-setting, grab some nice big Maple leaves or goto your local craft store and purchase fake ones, spray gold and then with a sharpie, carefully, write your guest’s name on each.


It’s also so easy to get caught up in everything around the food, this Thanksgiving, take the time to write down what you are Thankful for and allow your guests to do the same!