Setting and decorating a table for a dinner party can have many options to choose from. When there isn’t a holiday anywhere close on the calendar, just pick a theme and go for it!

More and more people are having dinner parties at home to give their inner foodie a chance to show off their cooking skills.  But, you can’t stop there. Once you have thoughtfully planned out your dinner menu, then you can decide on an appropriate and creative theme for your table decor.

At our last Fab Foodie cooking day we had a “Cooking with Friends” theme that lead us to a crafty and imaginative inspired table setting. We used black foam board to represent a chalk board and wrote out all the names of our guests that we 100% knew were showing up. Then we placed the plates, silverware, napkins, and glasses around each name setting. Yellow was a vibrant color we chose for our napkins and to be a main color in our floral centerpiece. When our guests arrived, it was one of the first things they mentioned besides the enticing aroma in the house from our delectable food.