One of our Fab Foodies just returned home from Zambia, Africa this past Sunday. While touring the city of Lusaka she noticed all the fresh tomatoes that were at the local markets. Yes, local markets just like we have here in America. The only difference is their fresh vegetables and fruits are displayed by vendors on the side of the streets in the market area (which can be very congested).

tomatoes from AfricaTomatoes are considered to be a warm-season crop which means they grow very well in southern Africa. They are a major source of cash income for smallholder farmers. Most tomatoes are used as a fresh salad vegetable and a popular ingredient in soups, sauces, stews, and other various dishes.

The difference in taste is unbelievable. We almost feel like this is what a real tomato should really taste like! So, if you are planning an adventure to Africa anytime soon, take us up on this tip and make sure you eat some tomatoes!