When asking yourself “how can I become a great chef” is hard to imagine, stop and consider this: anyone can become a great chef!

There are three basics that are simple must haves in becoming a great chef: Prep, Cook, and Present!

Great chefs know what it’s like to thrive on the expectation of creating a delectable dish. Becoming a great chef requires passion for the food you are preparing, how you serve it, and the experience your foodies receive from it. You should love to eat and enjoy all types of food. One thing to remember is always buy every thing fresh. You can also learn a lot from watching other people cook.

Truly great chefs have the desire to always learn and improve ways to prepare foods. You want to expand your knowledge on food and everyone you are serving-after all, it is an experience.

Soak up everything you can find about food. Analyze the ingredients and create new techniques with each dish creation you prepare.  If your hobby of cooking turns into a passion you can’t live without, then I would say you just became a great chef!