We love using our favorite herbs in many of our homemade recipes. Growing your own herbs can be very rewarding. Here are our top five herbs that we love to watch grow and serve.

  1. Fresh Parsely, Basil, and RosemaryBasil- Don’t you just love the smell of fresh basil! The most common type is sweet basil and it can grow in an outside garden or greenhouse and even in a small pot close to your kitchen window. This herb is a compliment with any recipe that uses tomatoes.
  2. Cilantro-Okay, do we have to say it again? The smell is overwhelmingly enticing! This herb is commonly used in Mexican dishes, tomato dishes, and in pickles. Cilantro grows fast and loves to be in the full sun.  The entire plant from the seed to the leaves & roots are all edible.
  3. Parsley-Easy to grow! This herb grows well in containers and is used as a garnish or ingredient for many dishes. It is often used as a spice. Parsley is rich in Vitamin C, B12, and a good source of iron.
  4. Rosemary-This herb is probably our favorite! It is very popular to grow in your kitchen. Rosemary has a strong, fresh odor and can be used in meat, poultry, and vinegars. Sometimes it is easier to find this in a starter plant than to grow from the seed.
  5. Thyme- This herb is a member of the mint family and has many varieties. It is highly aromatic and grows especially well in dry, sunny conditions. It pretty much grows itself. Thyme is often used as a ground cover.

All of these herbs can be grown from seeds that you find locally. Anyway you grow them you will get many great dishes from these plants!